At PATHOS, we aim at providing our friends and customers with safe, natural, and effective products, always maintaining unmatched class and style.  We are very proud of the high quality of all our products, and of our brand’s uniqueness.  We use only the purest and highest quality essential oils, harvested in different countries worldwide.  Our company stands on honesty and other outstanding values such as integrity, loyalty, and transparency.


Our founder, Dr. Demetrios Papanakios, PHARM D. is a decade-long practicing pharmacist.  Along the way, he has gradually developed a deep passion for alternative medicine, especially Aromatherapy.  He has studied and conducted extensive research on all aspects of essential oils.  As time went on, and always continuing to experiment with essential oils, his love for essential oil blending became deeper and deeper.  The process was very demanding, but we believe that our products speak for themselves.


Demetri always had a passion for scents, especially natural essential oils.  On the weekend of March 8-10, 2019 he attended a natural product convention for his employer, an outstanding pharmacy in the charming neighborhood of Williamsburg in Brooklyn, NY.  Beautiful weekend in Anaheim, California for a NY pharmacist, not only a business trip, but a chance to learn, have fun, and meet people.  While searching for exciting new brands for his job, he was also concentrating on aromatherapy/essential oil brands.  There were many of these companies there, including some incredible ones.  At this point, Demetri gained confidence because he knew about the quality of his blends, and when he compared his to other established brands, he realized this was the point in his life to try to launch his own company: a pharmacist-formulated classy and unique aromatherapy company.  Over the next year, he kept on adjusting and improving his 5 original essential oil blends, while working on all aspects of starting a new business.  Once he was convinced his 5 blends were perfect, he started selling them made-to-order at his employment.  The positive feedback inspired him even more.  He was also blessed and fortunate to have some amazing people in his life that helped him in so many different ways.  On Sunday June 7, 2020, Demetri’s dream became a reality: he launched PATHOS.  Pathos is a Greek word which translates to Passion.  Thus, Demetri’s PASSION for aromatherapy became his PATHOS for aromatherapy.

Currently, we have a small, but strong and very determined team and we are very excited, while remaining humble about the future of PATHOS!  We have many exciting products in our pipeline, and we are sure that you will love our current and future products.